eve, an exceptional dining experience

We are proud to announce the opening of award winning chef, Eve Aronoff’s eve, now serving an elegant complimentary daily breakfast buffet to guests and evening dinner in her newly redesigned space.

“My philosophy has always centered around the nurturing, celebratory spirit of conviviality which is central to the Slow Food Movement – the idea of the warmth shared around cooking and eating together.  The tenets of this movement are actually just common sense – a menu which revolves around the seasonality of ingredients, working with local farmers and purveyors, making food from scratch and sharing in the process of cooking and dining together.  A lot of what fosters this stems from the warmth in my childhood home and the way my mother and grandmothers nurtured our family, often through food and cooking – and the simple experience of sitting around the table eating together as a family.  These experiences formed my personal philosophy and I want to express all of that love for food, cooking and dining together at eve, sharing it with our guests and community. Emphasizing a spirit of abundance and generosity – sharing bountiful portions of seasonal, flavorful dishes together.

eve has always been a very personal expression that brought together our passion for the highest standards for food and service with the warmth and conviviality of a community gathering space.  Our guests grew into a restaurant community who shared their lives with us and we had the privilege to take care of them.  It is our honor and greatest pleasure to cook for, dine with and serve you again here at eve!”

            -Eve Aronoff




Breakfast: daily 7-10am (Sat-Sun, 7-11am), free for guests, regularly $12 per person

Dinner: Sun-Thurs 5-10pm, Fri-Sat 5-11pm (closed for dinner on Monday)

Call for reservation: (734) 222-0711 or reserve here

Bar hours extend beyond dinner service hours. Room service is available up to one hour prior to closing.